Career in Public Prosecutor | How to Become Public Prosecutor

Do you also have a dream of becoming a lawyer like those students, that too a government lawyer and you also want to know how to become a government lawyer, then read this article completely, how do you become a government lawyer through this article. Learn the process and understand what you need to do to Career in Public Prosecutor.

Career in Public Prosecutor | How to Become Public Prosecutor

Every person wants to choose a good career, for that he should get good education and be successful in life, every person has different interest, accordingly he tries according to his ability, if you are in the field of law If you want to go, then you should have complete knowledge about it, the post of Public Prosecutor is very important in this field, on which the person gets good salary and respect as a Public Prosecutor. In this, you have to present the side of the government in the court and prove the policies of the government right.

Every year thousands of youth in the country get law degree, who want to argue in court in front of a judge wearing black coat. There are many of these who want to become renowned lawyers by doing private practice, while many want to get justice for the poor and downtrodden. Becoming a public prosecutor is the dream of many people. Educated youth prefer to become a government lawyer by appearing in the examination.

Meaning of Public Prosecutor :

As the name suggests, Government means a lawyer working for the government, who leads the government in court. All the crimes that happen in the state, the police write an FIR against the person who has committed the crime, after the FIR is done, the police investigate and all the details related to that case appear in the court and then the trial begins, which is The job of a lawyer Career in Public Prosecutor.

Here comes the role of a Public Prosecutor. Every state government needs a lawyer to solve the crime against the state. Meaning, every government needs a lawyer who can lead the government to hear the case in court.

Public prosecutor helps the state government in maintaining law and order in the state. To know the ethical responsibilities of a Public Prosecutor towards the State Government, keep reading this article on “How to become a Public Prosecutor”.

  • To become a lawyer, first you have to pass graduation.
  • After passing graduation you have to do 3 years LLB Bachelor course.
  • You can do LLB course even after passing 12th.
  • Law course after 12th is of 5 years.
  • After doing Bachelor degree/LLB in Law, you get the certificate of LLB degree.
  • After this you can work as an internship.
  • Or you can work as an assistant to a senior lawyer.
  • After completing the internship you Career in Public Prosecutor.

Public Prosecutor Requirement :

A Public Prosecutor, selected under the provision of section 24 of CrPC 1972, to be A Public Prosecutor, selected under the provision of section 24 of CrPC 1972, to be appointed by the Central Government or the State Government in the High Court or High Court of each State under the provision of section 24 of the CrPC, a Public Prosecutor shall be appointed in each district. State government public prosecutor is appointed, the State Government can appoint more than one Public Prosecutor or Public Prosecutor to strengthen the judicial process.

How to Become a Public Prosecutor :

To become a government lawyer or lawyer, a candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in law after 12th. At present, after 12th, if you have to do BA LLB course to become a government lawyer. The duration of which is 5 years. It consists of 10 semesters. Apart from this, you can also do 3 years LLB course after graduation.

Talking about the process of admission in LLB course, various universities conduct entrance exam for this. You can apply in these entrance exam and pass this exam and get admission in good law college. Apart from this, you get direct admission in some colleges and universities.

Friends Law is a career that requires reasoning skills and patience. It is difficult to get success in this field in a few days. For this you need hard work and dedication. In this case also, excellent reasoning skills and child communication skills are very important for this profession.

Qualities of a Public Prosecutor :

There are certain qualities necessary to become a good Public Prosecutor. Like he knows a better way to communicate with people. He should have good reasoning ability. What are the special qualities it should have in view of its function basically. What are these, let’s have a look…..

  • Ability to do logical analysis.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • The art of understanding people’s perspectives and getting their work done.
  • To extract information about one’s work from information obtained through another.
  • habit of working together with other people
  • Ability to stand firm on your point of view and your reasoning.
  • Completion of work on deadline.
  • To be available in court on due date.
  • Emotionally strong personality despite all the pressures.
  • Special focus on research and analysis.
  • Think independently instead of relying on others.
  • Taking the right decision at the right time.
  • Present your arguments confidently.
Public Prosecutor Employment Sector :
  • Judiciary
  • Railway
  • Public infrastructure
  • Public transportation
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Production
  • Roadways
  • Public education
  • Military
  • Real Estate
  • Health Care
  • The board which establishes law
  • Political Parties
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

Best College for LLB Course :

  • National Law School of India Bangalore
  • Nalsar University of Law Hyderabad
  • Cyber ​​Law College Chennai
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
  • National Academy of Legal Studies and Research Hyderabad
  • Indian Law Institute New Delhi
  • National Law Institute University Bhopal
  • Rajiv Gandhi National University La Patiala
  • West Bengal National Forensic Science University Calcutta
  • Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University Lucknow
  • Symbosis Law School Pune
  • Jindal Global Law School Sonepat
  • National Law University Jodhpur
  • ILS Law School Pune
  • University of Petroleum and Energy Dehradun
  • Gujarat Law University
  • Delhi University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Government Law College Mumbai
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  • Kurukshetra University
  • Allahabad University
  • Hidayatullah National Law University Raipur
  • National Law University Cuttack
  • West Bengal National Institute
  • Forensic Science Kolkata
  • Chanakya National Law University Patna
  • Calcutta University
  • Mumbai University
  • Chandigarh University
  • Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara
  • National Law University Guwahati
  • Osmania University Hyderabad
  • Government Law College Mumbai
  • Karnataka State Law University
  • Madras University
  • Lucknow University
  • CSJMU Kanpur
  • Mumbai University

Public Prosecutor Salary :

After getting the complete information of a government lawyer, you must be thinking that how much will be the salary of a government lawyer. Why do we think about salary before getting a job in India? That a good salary makes our lifestyle. But some students want to fulfill your dream, not the salary.

The salary of a public prosecutor is an agreement with the government. In every case of LLB, the fish is decided by the government, if you explain, then the salary of a public prosecutor can range from 30,000 to 50,000.

Government Lawyer Preliminary Exam :

There are two parts in this exam. The first part is of general knowledge. The topics covered in this part are…

  • National and International current events.
  • Indian Politics and Economy
  • General Science
  • Indian National Movement
  • World geography and Pollution
  • History of india it is part of general knowledge

The topics covered in Part 2 of Government Lawyers Preliminary Exam.

  • Indian Evidence Law
  • UP Police Act
  • Indian Code of Criminal Procedure
Government Lawyer Main Exam :

Now come to the main exam. Candidates who cross the river of Preliminary Examination are called to appear in Main Examination. The main exam consists of questions based on Criminal Law and Procedure and Indian Evidence Law along with English, Hindi and General Knowledge. This main exam is of 400 marks.

Public Prosecutor Interview : Career in Public Prosecutor

On qualifying the main examination the candidate is called for interview. For this 50 marks have been fixed. On passing it the appointment letter is sent to the candidate. Let us tell you that the appointment of a Public Prosecutor is necessary in every district court. But the government can also appoint more than one lawyer if it so desires.

How to Prepare for Government Lawyer Exam :

  • You have to practice consistently to become an APO.
  • It is important that you solve the old question papers of this exam. Try to answer all the questions within the stipulated time.
  • You can watch news regularly and read newspapers to strengthen your grip on General Knowledge.
  • Apart from this, you can also take help of internet and YouTube.
  • You can also meet other government lawyers to know the specifics of the exam.
  • If you want to do coaching then that is also a good solution. Through coaching, you will be given regular practice of solving this paper within the stipulated period, which will be helpful for you during the exam.
  • During the interview you may be asked questions related to law. So whatever your syllabus has been, prepare well for it. And know the law, act.
  • You can view the interviews of the successful candidates. You can follow their given tips.
Functions and Powers of Public Prosecutor :
  • As a Public Prosecutor, you have to represent the affairs of the State Government.
  • Public prosecutors participate in the proceedings of the case in the court as per the orders of the government.
  • If the aggrieved person cannot afford the cost of the advocate in the court, then the court provides him the facility of advocate, at that time the public prosecutor advocates the case of that aggrieved person, for this no fee is charged from the aggrieved person. . is taken.
  • A public prosecutor assists in the work of the court.
  • A public prosecutor is a part of the state’s judiciary or judicial process, who is in charge of court cases, appeals and other legal processes.
  • The function of the Public Prosecutor is to assist in the work of the Court by putting forward all the necessary aspects relating to the case.
  • In any case, the work of the Public Prosecutor begins with the initiation of the investigation process, he collects the evidence during the investigation, and presents it before the court.
Public Prosecutor Question :
  • What are the types of lawyers?
  • Who is a public prosecutor?
  • How to get information about public prosecutor?
  • Which course is required to become a public prosecutor?
  • What is the importance of a cybercrime lawyer?
  • What is the salary of a public prosecutor?
  • How much is the salary of a private lawyer?
  • How to study lawyer?
  • What is the job of a public prosecutor?
  • How to become a lawyer after 12th?
  • How to become a lawyer after graduation?

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FAQs Career in Public Prosecutor :

What is the job of a public prosecutor?

Every state government needs a lawyer to solve the crime against the state. Meaning, every government needs a lawyer who can lead the government to hear the case in court.

What is the salary of a public prosecutor?

The salary of a public prosecutor is an agreement with the government. In every case of LLB, the fish is decided by the government, if you explain, then the salary of a public prosecutor can range from 30,000 to 50,000.

What is the salary of a private lawyer?

Private Advocates – These are independent professional advocates who advocate the cases of their clients in court. They do not get any salary from the government, instead they charge fees from their clients to advocate their cases.

What are the types of lawyers?

Government lawyer, Private lawyer, Cyber lawyer, Junior lawyer, Senior lawyer, Senior lawyer, Lower lawyer, District lawyer, Supreme court lawyer etc.

What is the study of lawyer called?

In courts we see that as per law, one party challenges the other and in courts, experts in law also explain its various aspects. We call the experts of these laws as lawyers and to become a lawyer you have to study law.

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