Dhule ZP Answer key | धुले जिला परिषद आंसर की ZP Answer key

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Dhule ZP Answer key | धुले जिला परिषद आंसर की ZP Answer key

धुले, नंदुरबार और जलगाँव जिले मध्यकालीन समय से खानदेश के रूप में जाने जाते थे और धुले मुख्यालय से एकल जिले के रूप में कार्य कर रहे थे. हालाँकि, 1906 में, इसे खानदेश और पश्चिम खानदेश के दो जिलों में विभाजित किया गया था. प्रशासन के अनुसार, जलगाँव को पूर्वी खंडेश घोषित किया गया था और धुले जिले को पश्चिम खानदेश के नाम से जाना जाता था.

महाराष्ट्र सरकार ने 1 मई 1962, महाराष्ट्र जिला परिषद और पंचायत समिति अधिनियम 1961, और जिला स्तर पर जिला परिषद, समूह स्तर पर पंचायत समिति और ग्राम पंचायत पर सहमति व्यक्त की, इस प्रकार तीन- ग्रामीण स्तर पर टीयर पंचायत राज निर्मित किया गया था.

ZP Dhule 2018 Sample Paper : 

1. Choose opposite in meaning. “idle”

  • A. Lazy
  • B. Handsome
  • C. Busy
  • D. smart

2. She is wise ………………. to understand it.

  • A. very
  • B. fairly
  • C. enough
  • D. quite

3. One word substitution for “One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession”

  • A. businessman
  • B. professional
  • C. meticulous
  • D. amateur

4. What is the noun form of the word “assume”

  • A. Assumption
  • B. Assumation
  • C. Assmement
  • D. Assumsion

5. She sings ……………………….

  • A. Sweet
  • B. Sweetly
  • C. Swrrts
  • D. Sweetest

6. It is the same case ……………..……. I told you of.

  • A. What
  • B. Which
  • C. This
  • D. That

7. She’s right, ……………….…….?

  • A. is she
  • B. isn’t it
  • C. She is
  • D. isn’t she

8. By hook or crook.

  • A) By any means
  • B) By old ways
  • C) By even ways
  • D) none

9. Fill in the blanks. “Everest is ………..……. highest peak in the word”

  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
  • D. No article

10. Choose the correct spelling from the following group of words given below.

  • A. Gazette
  • B. Gazate
  • C. Gazzette
  • D. Gazettee

ZP Answer key : Dhule ZP Answer key

11. The old things were thrown away. Choose the correct passive voice of the above sentence.

  • A. The old things threw away
  • B. They threw away the old things
  • C. Throw the old things away
  • D. Thrown away the old things

12. “I met him on Sunday”, she said. – Change this sentence into indirect form.

  • A. She said that he has met her on Sunday.
  • B. He said that she had met him on Sunday
  • C. She said that she had met him on Sunday
  • D. She asked that when she had met him on Sunday

13. Pick out the correct reported statement for the sentence : Father said to his sons, “Pleas keep quiet.”

  • A. Father asked his sons to keep quiet
  • B. Father told his sons please keep quiet.
  • C. Father ask his sons to keep quiet.
  • D. Father asked his sons that to keep quiet.

14. Combined the following set of sentences into a simple sentence : 1. He has many faults. 2. But he was a good man at heart

  • A. Though he had many faults, he was a good man at heart.
  • B. In Spite of having many faults, he was a good man at heart
  • C. As he was a good man at heart, he was a many faults.
  • D. While he has many faults, he was a good man at heart

15. Change the following sentence into a simple one wiyhout cganging the meaning. You must work hard, or you will not pass.

  • A. Unless you work hard, you will not pass.
  • B. If you do not work hard, you will not pass.
  • C. You must work hard in order to pass.
  • D. Working hard will ensure your passing.

Dhule ZP Answer key :

16. Choose the correct comparative degree of the following sentence Pune is one of the biggest cities in India.

  • A. Pune is bigger than any other city in India.
  • B. Pune is bigger than many other cities in India.
  • C. No other city is as bigger as Pune.
  • D. Pune is Bigger than all other cities in India.

17. It matters little whether we win or lose. “Change into interrogative”.

  • A. Do it matter much whether we win lose?
  • B. Does it matter much whether we win or lose?
  • C. Will it matter much whether we win or lose?
  • D. Whether it matters much we win or lose?

18. One of the horses were tired. – Correct the sentence.

  • A. One of the horses is tired.
  • B. One of the horses was tired
  • C. One of the horses will tired
  • D. One of the horses can tired

19. What suffix will you add to the word ‘kind’ to make it a noun.

  • A. ment
  • B. tion
  • C. ness
  • D. full

20. Select the word without suffix.

  • A. Greedy
  • B. Happy
  • C. Hairy
  • D. Dirty

Dhule ZP Answer key : 

21. Choose the correct Synonym : Ability

  • A. inability
  • B. incompetence
  • C. competence
  • D. none of these

22. Choose the correct preposition. Amol met me …………….. the way.

  • A. in
  • B. into
  • C. on
  • D. none of these

23. Choose the Voice of the sentence ‘Open the window’

  • A. Window is opened
  • B. Window will be opened
  • C. Window shall be opened
  • D. Let the windows be opened

24. What is the plural form of ‘Cattle’?

  • A. Cows
  • B. Cattle
  • C. Catle
  • D. Cows and buffaloes

25. What is the plural form antonym – ‘Waste’

  • A. East
  • B. Save
  • C. Unwaste
  • D. B & C both

26. Choose the correctly spelt word from A, B, C & D

  • A. Agrerian
  • B. Agrarian
  • C. Agerian
  • D. Agrarien

27. Adverb form for ‘beauty’ is …………….

  • A. beautify
  • B. beautician
  • C. beautiful
  • D. beautifully

28. What is the word substitute ‘A book or document written by hand’

  • A. Manuscript
  • B. monument
  • C. Monotheist
  • D. Manifesto

29. Fill in the blank with correct article. Everest is ……….……. highest peak in the world.

  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
  • D. No article

30. Choose the correct adverb to fill in the blank. ……..………. he is down with flu, he can’t go to office.

  • A. Since
  • B. When
  • C. But
  • D. So
Dhule ZP Answer key :

31. Give one word substitution. “Allowance due to a wife from her husband after separation”

  • A. Patent
  • B. Heresy
  • C. ALimony
  • D. Exile

32. Choose the correct synonym “Cynical”.

  • A. Misanthropic
  • B. Tyrannical
  • C. Decisive
  • D. Cunning

33. Guile

  • A. SIn
  • B. Crime
  • C. Trickery
  • D. Painful

34. Choose the correct antonym. “Melancholy”

  • A. Dangerous
  • B. Melodious
  • C. Happy
  • D. Tense

35. Savage

  • A. Plentiful
  • B. Open
  • C. Civilized
  • D. Danger

36. The passenger & crew member of the aeroplane had a narrow ……..…… when it was taking off from the runway.

  • A. Door
  • B. Time
  • C. Escape
  • D. Opportunity

37. Their marriage was ………….……. yesterday.

  • A. Done
  • B. Carried out
  • C. Made
  • D. Solemnised

38. In the following questions three words are given. Choose the word which is misspelt. If there is no mistake choose d – all correct.

  • A. Deviate
  • B. Stapulate
  • C. Mollify
  • D. All correct

39. Identikit method discovered by…………………………..

  • A. Bertillon
  • B. Macdonald
  • C. Kelvin Goddard
  • D. Mathieu Orfila

40. To examine urine and sweat, which of the following is used?

  • A. Infrared rays
  • B. Ultraviolet rays
  • C. X-rays
  • D. Laser rays
Dhule Zilla Parishad Question Paper 2020 :

41. In police investigation, ultraviolet rays are used for which of the following purpose?

  • A. To check the changes in disputed documents.
  • B. To check the stains of blood, semen, urine, saliva.
  • C. The writings done by invisible material.
  • D. All of the above.

42. Form number of court conviction slip is ………………………….

  • A. PM 61 AE
  • B. PM 61 E
  • C. PM 61 EF
  • D. PM 61 F

43. In police station, History Sheet is maintained for which of the following?

  • A. All criminals on record
  • B. Criminals whose names are in surveillance register of police station
  • C. juveniles in conflict with law
  • D. Absconders under the jurisdiction of the police station concerned

44. For which action the device detonator is used?

  • A. Explosions
  • B. Heart Treatment
  • C. Water purification
  • D. Preparation of Electricity

45. Which of the following tests is used for testing of presence of blood in Crime Cases?

  • A. TLC test
  • B. Benzidine test
  • C. Fluorine test
  • D. Alcohol test

46. Hydrocyanic acid is generally found in …………………………..

  • A. Grains
  • B. Fruits
  • C. Water
  • D. Earth

47. In case of death due to snake bite …………………… exhibit forwarded to forensic science laboratory.

  • A. Snake venom
  • B. Skin with bite mark
  • C. Snake
  • D. The earth from snake bite place

48. Which of the following characteristics cannot be same in human individuals?

  • A. Blood group
  • B. Height
  • C. Colour
  • D. Fingerprint
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