Sangli ZP Answer key | Sangli Question 2020 | सांगली जिला परिषद प्रश्न पत्र

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सांगली जिला महाराष्ट्र के दक्षिण और दक्षिण-पूर्व में स्थित है. जिले का क्षेत्रफल लगभग 5722 वर्ग किलोमीटर है. जिले उत्तर और उत्तर पश्चिम में सतारा, उत्तर और उत्तर पूर्व में सोलापुर, पूर्व में बीजापुर (कर्नाटक), दक्षिण में बेलगाम (कर्नाटक), पश्चिम में कोल्हापुर और पश्चिम में सांगली हैं. पश्चिम में, शिरला तालुका सह्याद्री की मुख्य श्रेणी में है. जिले का पश्चिमी भाग पहाड़ी है. हालांकि, कृष्णा घाटी समतल मैदान है.

Sangli ZP Answer key | Sangli Question 2020 | सांगली जिला परिषद प्रश्न पत्र

सांगली जिला 1949 के अंत में निर्मित एक हालिया निर्माण है. इसे तब दक्षिण सतारा के नाम से जाना जाता था और 1961 से सांगली का नाम बदल दिया गया था. यह आंशिक रूप से कुछ तालुकों से बना है, जो कभी पुराने सतारा जिले का हिस्सा थे. और पटवर्धन आंशिक रूप से राज्यों और जागीर से संबंधित हैं, और डफल्स जो स्वतंत्रता के बाद के समय में विलय हो गए.

Sangli District council Answer key 2018 :

1. Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Afro-Asian Rural Development Organisation was inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in this city.

  • A. New Delhi
  • B. Mumbai
  • C. Odisha
  • D. Uttar Pradesh

2. IPS Officer of 1977 batch was appointed as Director-General, National Disaster Response Force and Civil Defence (NDRF & CD), Minister of Home Affairs.

  • A. Prakash Mishra
  • B. Kiran Bedi
  • C. kamalchand
  • D. None of these

3. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 7 March 2012 issued directions to a Group of Minister to review the decision of export ban on this item.

  • A. Jute
  • B. Rice
  • C. Medicines
  • D. Cotton

4. Reserve Bank of India on 9 March 2012 cut the cash reserve ratio (CRR) by basis points.

  • A. 70 basis points
  • B. 72 basis points
  • C. 75 basis points
  • D. 76 basis points

5. The first Indian actress to have been nominated to the Rajya Sabha was.

  • A. Nargis Dutt
  • B. Hema Malini
  • C. jaya Prada
  • D. None of these

Sangli ZP Answer key

6. According to data released by the government on 19 March 2012 retail inflation stood at this percent in February 2012.

  • A. 7.58%
  • B. 8.83%
  • C. 8.67%
  • D. 7.90%

7. Moody’s downgraded this public sector Indian bank one notch on 19.03.2012 due to its high level of troubled assets and low provisions for coverage.

  • A. State Bank of India
  • B. South India Bank
  • C. ICICI Bank
  • D. Union bank of India

8. Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world’s.

  • A. largest railway station
  • B. highest railway station
  • C. Longest railways station
  • D. None of these

9. Entomology is the science that studies.

  • A. Behavior of human beings
  • B. Insects
  • C. The origin and history of technical and scientific terms
  • D. The formation of rocks

10. The Olympic Flame symbolizes.

  • A. Unity among various nations of the worlds
  • B. Speed, perfection and strength
  • C. Sports as a means for securing harmony among nations
  • D. Continuity between the ancient and modern games

Sangli ZP Answer key

11. For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded.

  • A. Physics and Chemistry
  • B. Physiology or Medicine
  • C. Literature, Peace and Economics
  • D. All of these

12. Hitler’s party which came into power in 1933 is known as.

  • A. Labour Party
  • B. Nazi Party
  • C. Ku-Klux-Klan
  • D. Democratic Party

13. Which company manufactures low and power communication equipment like radius for use of defence services and paramilitary organizations.

  • A. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
  • B. Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL)
  • C. Bharat Dynamic Limited(BDL)
  • D. None of these

14. Where is the Judicature of Odisha.

  • A. Bhubaneswar
  • B. Cuttack
  • C. Both
  • D. None of these

15. Which is the following are the Members of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)

  • A. bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan
  • B. Bhutan, Bangladesh the Maldives, Nepal, India, India , Pakistan, Afganistan and Sri Lankka
  • C. Afganistan, Pakistan, Thiland, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka
  • D. None of these

16. The Official language of the Government of India is.

  • A. English
  • B. Malayalam
  • C. Hindi
  • D. marathi

17. When was mahatma Gandhi Assassinated.

  • A. 1948
  • B. 1951
  • C. 1958
  • D. 1971

18. When was pottery developed in the indus Valley.

  • A. 5000 BC
  • B. 6000 BC
  • C. 3500 BC
  • D. None of These

19. Which is the India’s largest and the oldest museum.

  • A. Indian Museum, Kolkata
  • B. national Museum, New Delhi
  • C. Allahabad Museum
  • D. salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

20. Which Academy promotes and develops literature in all the 22 language of India.

  • A. Sahitya Academy
  • B. sangeet Natak Academy
  • C. Lalit kala Academy
  • C. None of these
Zilla Parishad Answer key 2020

21. In which year of First World War Germany declared war on Russia and france.

  • A. 1914
  • B. 1915
  • C. 1916
  • D. 1917

22. Indian has largest deposits of ……………………. in the world.

  • A. Gold
  • B. Copper
  • C. Mica
  • D. None of these

23. India’s first Technicolor film …………………… in the early 1950s was produced by ………………..

  • A. ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’, Sohrab Modi
  • B. ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ , Sir Syed Ahmed
  • C. ‘Mirza Ghalib’ , Sohrab Modi
  • D. ‘Mirza Ghalib’ , Munshi Premchand

24. India’s first satellite is named after.

  • A. Aryabhatta
  • B. Bhaskara II
  • C. Bhaskara I
  • D. Albert Einstein

25. In which year, terrorists crashed two planes into New York’s World Trade Centre on September 11 in a sequence of destruction.

  • A. 2000
  • B. 2001
  • C. 2002
  • D. 2003

26. In which of the following organs of human body does maximum absorption of food take place.

  • A. Gullet
  • B. Large intestine
  • C. Small intestine
  • D. Stomach

27. Human Rights Day is on.

  • A. 24 February
  • B. 10 December
  • C. 15 May
  • D. 21 july

28. The first recipient of Bharat Ratna Award in 1954 was.

  • A. S. Radhakrishnan
  • B. Rajagopalachari
  • C. v. raman
  • D. jawaharlal Nehru

29. Kiran Bedi received Magsaysay Award for government service in.

  • A. 1992
  • B. 1993
  • C. 1994
  • D. 1995

30. Logarithm table were invented by.

  • A. John Napier
  • B. John Doe
  • C. John Harrison
  • D. John Douglass
Sangli Question 2020 : Sangli ZP Answer key

31. Joule is the unit of.

  • A. Temperature
  • B. Pressure
  • C. Energy
  • D. Heat

32. Karl Marx’s ideology advocated.

  • A. A classed unique society
  • B. A united society
  • C. A classed society
  • D. None of these

33. Liquid asset is.

  • A. a type of asset that is in cash in the current account of the commercial bank
  • B. a type of asset that is in the form of a deposit in the current account of the commercial bank
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None of these

34. Lata mangeshkar holds the world record for maximum number of ……………………

  • A. Song recordings
  • B. Singing songs
  • C. Songs composing
  • D. None of these

35. Jharia (Jharkhand) is famous for.

  • A. Sport goods
  • B. Cooper mines
  • C. Coal mines
  • D. gold mines

36. the number of already named bones in human skeleton is.

  • A. 200
  • B. 206
  • C. 212
  • D. 218

37. Mother Teresa received the Magsaysay Award in 1962 area of.

  • A. Community leadership
  • B. Public Service
  • C. Journalism and literature
  • D. International understanding

38. Missile ‘Prithvi’ aims.

  • A. To test performance of an indigenously built heat-shield
  • B. To hit target without the help of the Air Force
  • C. To defend large installations like oil-fields etc-shield
  • D. None of these

39. Microphone is used to convert.

  • A. Sound waves into magnetic energy
  • B. Sound waves into light rays
  • C. Electrical energy into sound waves
  • D. Sound waves into electronic currents

40. Lal bahadur Shastri is also known as.

  • A. Guruji
  • B. Man of Peace
  • C. Punjab Kesari
  • D. Mahamana
Sangli ZP Answer key : Sangli ZP

41. Mahabaleshwar is located in.

  • A. Maharashtra
  • B. Rajasthan
  • C. Madhya Pradesh
  • D. Himachal Pradesh

42. The Chief constituent of gobar gas is.

  • A. Ethane
  • B. Methane
  • C. Hydrogen
  • D. Carbon dioxide

43. The first lady Prime Minister of a country was.

  • A. Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)
  • B. Maria Estate Pew (Argentina)
  • C. Junko Tabei (japan)
  • D. None of these

44. The dance in Himachal Pradesh, performed indoor, solo or duet, especially when life comes to a standstill during cold winter is.

  • A. Luddi dance
  • B. Munazra
  • C. Giddha parhaun
  • D. rouf

45. The first Asian Games were held in 1951 at.

  • A. New Delhi, India
  • B. Manila, Philippines
  • C. Tokyo, japan
  • D Jakarta, Indonesia

46. The first woman to climb Mt. Everest was.

  • A) Junko tabei
  • B) Karoline Mikkelsen
  • C) Valentina Tereshkova
  • D) None of these

47. The common terms used in shooting are.

  • A. Hunting, show-jump, dressage
  • B. Bed, ballsege, marksmanship, plug
  • C. Bou, bucket, low, feather, paddle, regatta
  • D. None of these

48. Normally the blood pressure of a young male human being is.

  • A. 110/70
  • B. 120/80
  • C. 135/90
  • D. 140/100

49. The college of Military engineering is situated at.

  • A. Kirkee (Pune)
  • B. Mhow
  • C. Dehradun
  • D. Chennai

50. The full-fledged Commonwealth Games were first organized in ……………………. at ………………….

  • A. 1930 : Hamilton in Canada
  • B. 1934 : London in England
  • C. 1932 : Sydney in Australia
  • D. 1936 : Cardiff in UK
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