Sindhudurg ZP Answer Key | सिंधुदुर्ग जिला परिषद आंसर की

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सिंधुदुर्ग भारत में महाराष्ट्र राज्य का एक प्रशासनिक जिला है, जो तत्कालीन रत्नागिरी जिले से लिया गया था. जिला मुख्यालय ओरोस में स्थित है. जिले का क्षेत्रफल 5207 वर्ग किमी और जनसंख्या 849,651 है, जिसमें से 12.59% शहरी (2011 के अनुसार) थे.

Sindhudurg ZP Answer Key | सिंधुदुर्ग जिला परिषद आंसर की

सिंधुदुर्ग की सीमा पूर्व में अरब सागर, दक्षिण में बेलगाम जिला (कर्नाटक राज्य) और उत्तर में गोवा और रत्नागिरी जिले से लगती है. चूंकि जिला एक तटीय क्षेत्र है, जलवायु हमेशा गर्म और आर्द्र होती है, इसलिए बदलती जलवायु का तापमान पर अधिक प्रभाव नहीं पड़ता है. राष्ट्रीय राजमार्ग संख्या 1 से कुडली, कंकावली और सावंतवाड़ी के साथ-साथ कंकाली, सिंधुदुरगनी, कुडल, सावंतवाड़ी रेलवे स्टेशन. रत्नागिरी, बेलगाम (कर्नाटक) और दाभोली (गोवा) में हवाई अड्डे हैं.

Sindhudurg ZP Answer Key :

1. Who is the leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha.

  • A. L.K. Advani
  • B. Sushma Swaraj
  • C. Arun Jaitley
  • D. Yashwant sinha

2. Who is the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

  • A. V.K. Shunglu
  • B. Vinod rai
  • C. V.N. Kaul
  • D. C.G. Somiah

3. What is total Strength of Lok Sabha as envisaged the Constitution.

  • A. 545
  • B. 547
  • C. 540
  • D. 552

4. Prof verghese Kurien who passed Medal at the London Olympics 2012 for which of the following events.

  • A. Paan Singh Tomar
  • B. white Revolutions
  • C. Blue revolution
  • D. oilseeds Development Programme

5. Mary Kom won the bronze Medal at the London Olympics 2012 for which the following events.

  • A. Women’s Heavyweight Boxing
  • B. Women’s Singles Badminton
  • C. Blue Revolution
  • D. Oilseeds Development Programme

Sindhudurg District council Question Paper :

6. Which indian film has been declared as the country’s entry in the Academy awards (Oscars)

  • A. Paan Singh Tomar
  • B. The Dirty Picture
  • C. Barfi
  • D. Ra One

7. Who among the following has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Indian on September 29, 2012.

  • A. Justice Altamas Kabir
  • B. Justice H.S. Kapadia
  • B. Justice R.S. Sodhi
  • D. Justice Mukund Prasad

8. Who is the Chief of the Army Staff.

  • A. General Bikram Singh
  • B. General V.K. Singh
  • C. General Deepak Kapoor
  • D. General Joginder jaswant Singh

9. When does the Governor recommend the imposition of President rule in a State:

  • A. On the recommendation of the Centre
  • B. On the recommendation of the Chief Minister
  • C. On the recommendation of the Council of Minister
  • D. If the satisfied that the Government of the State cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution

10. Which one among the following States is the smallest in terms of area

  • A. Andhra Pradesh
  • B. Tamil Nadu
  • C. Karnataka
  • D. Kerala

Zilla Parishad Answer key 2020 :

11. Who is the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

  • A. K. Rahman khan
  • B. M.M. Jacob
  • C. Hamid Ansari
  • D. P.J. Kurien

12. Who won the Men’s Singles Title at the Wimbledon Open 2012 Tennis Championship.

  • A. Roger Federer
  • B. Andy Murray
  • C. Novak Djokovic
  • D. Rafael Nadal

13. Who preside over the Joint Sitting of Parliament of India.

  • A. Vice President
  • B. Speaker of Lok Sabha
  • C. President of India
  • D. Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

14. What the currency of Japan.

  • A. Yuan
  • B. Yen
  • C. Rial
  • D. Kyat

15. The Nobel Prize for Peace for the year 2012 has been conferred on.

  • A. Barack Obama
  • B. European Union
  • C. ASEAN
  • D. None of these

16. Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is located in.

  • A. Assam
  • B. Meghalaya
  • C. Tripura
  • D. tamil Nadu

17. The President of India is elected by.

  • A. Parliament
  • B. State Legislatures
  • C. by the people directly
  • D. by an electoral college consisting of the elected Members of the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha and the State Legislative Assemblies

18. Who is the deputy Chairman of Planning Commission.

  • A. Manmohan Singh
  • B. Bimal Jalan
  • C. P. Chidambaram
  • D. Montek Singh Ahluwalia

19. Who is the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.

  • A. A.R. Rahman
  • B. kariya Munda
  • C. Hamid Ansari
  • D. Girija Vyas

Sindhudurg District council Answer key :

20. Governor of a State is appointed by the.

  • A. Prime Minister
  • B. President
  • C. Chief Justice of India
  • D. Parliament

21. The current Lok Sabha is.

  • A. 16th Lok sabha
  • B. 15th Lok sabha
  • C. 14th Lok sabha
  • D. 13th Lok sabha

22. How many members can be nominated by the President of India in Rajya Sabha.

  • A. 2
  • B. 12
  • C. 14
  • D. 16

23. Who is the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee?

  • A. basudeb Acharya
  • B. Gopinath Munde
  • C. Murli Manohar Joshi
  • D. Anant Kumar

24. How many Departmentally Related Standing Committees are there in Parliament of India?

  • A. 16
  • B. 24
  • C. 20
  • D. 18

25. In which State is Kudankulam Nuclear Project is situated.

  • A. kerala
  • B. Tamil Nadu
  • C. Andhra Pradesh
  • D. Maharashtra

26. Where is Lingaraj Temple situated.

  • A. Odisha
  • B. Uttar Pradesh
  • C. Bihar
  • D. Madhya Pradesh

27. Which is the highest battlefield in the world.

  • A) Dras
  • B) Siachen
  • C) Siachen
  • D) Leh Twang

28. Which is the highest gallantry award in the defence forces in our country.

  • A. Mahavir Chakra
  • B. Param Vir Chakra
  • C. Sena Medal
  • D. Vayu Sena Medal

29. Who is the first ever Indian Shuttler to win an Olympic medal in Badminton at 2012 Games.

  • A. Saina Nehwal
  • B. Yogeshwar Dutt
  • C. M.S. Dhoni
  • D. Geeta Kumari

30. In which State is Nalanda situated.

  • A. West Bengal
  • B. Bihar
  • C. madhya Pradesh
  • D. uttar Pradesh
Zilla Parishad Answer key 2020 : Sindhudurg ZP Answer Key

31. Accession Register of the library is meant for:

  • A. Registration of books
  • B. Registration of Periodicals
  • C. Registration for Accessioning
  • D. Registration of books in the same in which they are received

32. Stock verification is done in the libraries to find out the physical available of :

  • A. Books
  • B. Books and Periodicals
  • C. All articles
  • D. All reading material only

33. Which of the following is not a document:

  • A. Book
  • B. Periodical
  • C. Inscription
  • D. machine Readable catalogue

34. Short title usually found tooled on the spine of the book is :

  • A. Alternative Title
  • B. Fanciful Title
  • C. Binder’s Title
  • D. Tell-Tale-Title

35. Which of the following is a complex subject :

  • A. A study in Medicine
  • B. A study in Animal Husbandry
  • C. A study in Child Medicine
  • D. A study in Classification and cataloguing

36. SDI stands for : 

  • A. Selective Dissemination of Information
  • B. Scientific Demand for Information
  • C. Selective Information Demand
  • D. Scientific Documentation for Information

37. The device that makes use of initial alphabets in sharpening a class number.

  • A. Alphabetical Device
  • B. Alphanumeric Device
  • C. Sharpening Device
  • D. Initial Device

38. After a book is acquired, it is taken up for cataloguing and classification to the :

  • A. Acquisition Section
  • B. Processing Section
  • C. Documentation Section
  • D. None of these

39. Issue and return of Books is the work of :

  • A. Reference Desk
  • B. Debates Section
  • C. Circulation Counter
  • D. Processing Section

40. A Book is individualized among the books having the same class number by :

  • A. Call number
  • B. Book number
  • C. Accession number
  • D. Year number
Sindhudurg ZP Answer Key : Sindhudurg ZP

41. Which reflects the arrangement of documents in the Library :

  • A. Dictionary catalogue
  • B. Alphabetical catalogue
  • C. Shelf list
  • D. Author catalogue

42. Duplicate microfilm Rolls are preserved at :

  • A. Below 27 degree C temperature
  • B. Room temperature
  • C. Anywhere in the room
  • D. Air conditioned room with normal temperature

43. A set of books which is ready for binding is sent to :

  • A. Bindery
  • B. Printing
  • C. Dump on table
  • D. Bookshelf

44. Library is a place of :

  • A. Books
  • B. Furniture
  • C. Hardware
  • D. Toys

45. Stacking area of Library is called :

  • A. Stacks
  • B. Book shop
  • C. storage
  • D. Museum

46. As soon as the books are catalogued and classified, those shall be pasted with :

  • A. Book labels
  • B. jacket covers
  • C. Book cards
  • D. Cover Page

47. Book comers are rated at :

  • A. Inner side of front cardboard
  • B. Inner side of back card board
  • C. On the spine
  • D. On top of front page

48. In library stacks Books are placed :

  • A. Left to right
  • B. Right to left
  • C. Top to Bottom
  • D. Bottom to top

49. While placing the books on stacks, some space is kept free at :

  • A. Right
  • B. Left
  • C. In between two books
  • D. In between two racks

50. The current Newspapers are displayed on :

  • A. Reading Table
  • B. Pending racks
  • C. Pigeon Holes
  • D. stacks
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